Criminal Case Earn Some Big From Lucky Card 23 August 2013

Criminal Case Almost all players want to get big in criminal case from lucky cards.Some kind of lucky cards are very rarest , But you can only get it when you do some hard work in game.Like solving many cases , arresting criminals , stopping drugs in grimsborough and murders , Claiming information about suspects.If you solve maximum cases in game you can find rarest lucky card.Because when your teammates and friends select your detective as a partner.They can send you a lucky card back for its help.When you accept it.You can earn many rewards chips , orange juices.
Many guys like beautiful partner.You can make your detective beautiful in avatar shop by  customizing their shirts , leather shoes , leather pants , faces , eyebrows e.t.c,

Getting lucky card is so important task for you.Because when you have different types of cards you can earn as many as rewards in criminal case.Today we give you , your rarest lucky card ever.
like spades of king.  etc.Luck card is like casino jackpot , blackjack.In casino you can buy spin the wheel of jackpot and earn many cash from this.


Get your BlackJack Lucky Card from us and enjoy.Don't forgot to comment below.Tell us what card you got and what card for claiming gift you are searching.Tell this post your friends and make them happy and active partner , player in game.If you need any other card expore our blog and enjoy.
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